Sunday, March 25, 2007

That's me!

We'll, that's me!

Was a project of our photoforum, 'from beneath', my angle was a mexican hat from beneath with the light directly under the outer rim.

Together with the wide angel effect, i was hoping on a good result.

They loved the photo, but couldn't discover what this had to do with the assigment 'from beneath'...

EXIF Tv 1/50 Av 4.0 ISO200 @12.0mm

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring is coming

Well spring is coming into view, and today i picked up my first outdoor macro of the year.
The quality did surprise me back home. No sun, lots of wind against te flower, and my cheap Sigma 70-300. But the lens did well, one of it's disadvantage's turned out to be a advantage.
You need at least 1 meter distance to focus, therefore the dof is greater then when you would be able to close into the subject with the lens.
EXIF Tv 1/320 Av 7.1 ISO400 @300.0mm

Sunday, March 4, 2007


Cleaning out the attic, between te dust and the spiderwebs, there she was. A beauty from last summer. Somewhere along the road she made a wrong turn, and entered her crypte via the window in my house.

She avoided the webs, and comdemned herself to starvation. But the effort was rewarded, in her preservation after death.

Now she live's on for eternity in the digitized world, on the web for all to see.

A very common butterfly, (Aglais urticea) the small tortoiseshell. In dutch called the small fox.

Photo was made with the Canon 350D, Sigma 150mm f2 macro EXIF TV 1 AV 18 ISO200. The remains where placed on a cd (for those interested a driver CD-rom from Samsung Syncmaster). In photoshop some bluring of the for and background, and removed saturation from the background.

We'll i was so pleased with my find, being without my little bugfriends in this wintertime, i made another setting with this corpse.

This was was made with the same equipment, placed my precious prey on a white piece of paper, and placed it directly before my window, so the light directly came from behind her.

Focus is on the front rim of her wings, the dof towards her head becomes softer, and eases the photo.

EXIF TV 1 AV 10 ISO200

Background was lightend by hardmix, 18%, and I curbed the curve's for some more contrast, and color.

Just passing time, i prefer my little friend alive rather then dead. But one has to go along with what one gets, doesn't one...

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lazy saturday

We'll nothing to do, made a photo of LP to keap a Photo chain game running. Roamed around in Picassa, and came across that Blogg button. Ah well, nothing to do! Let's fill in the form, en create the blogg.

So this is the openingspost, most exciting isn't...

I mean what do I have to tell the world, nothing much. I just watch you all go round, and round, and make my photo's. I just see, I just record, I don't tell, its you who performs on the stage we call world.

So enough words, post it, en let's see if we can upload that pic of the chain game.